BioNanoNet is an Austrian scientific network that specializes in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) on national and international level, with a strong focus on bio- and nanotechnologies. BioNanoNet has the clear aim of supporting innovative interdisciplinary research by forming cooperative networks and synergistic collaborations, with special emphasis on (i) nanotoxicology, (ii) health, safety and nano-/medicine, and (iii) sensor technologies.
The KNCV is the largest chemical professional association in the Netherlands. Our members are people with a passion for molecules. From chemists to life scientists, from process technologists to (bio) molecular scientists. Our 8,500 members are working day in and day out to bring the variety and wealth of the molecular field to life. They work in business, education and government or study at one of the universities and colleges in the Netherlands. The KNCV has existed since 1903 and is the advocate of chemistry, life sciences and process technology in the Netherlands.