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M. Salam has expertise in evaluation and passion in improving the health and well being. He previously worked in Chemical lab; Karachi Institute of Power Engineering (KINPOE) and now joined Micro Seismic Studies Programme (MSSP). This study was conducted in order to investigate heavy-metals (Pb and Mn) accumulation and their effects on roadside trees Conocarpus (Conocarpus erectus). Vehicles exhaust contains Pb, which shows that gasoline is not lead free. Pb and Mn increased level in human blood causes many diseases. Quality of vehicles fuel shall have to be free of pollutants so that creates pathways for improved healthcare.



In order to investigate the heavy metals accumulation and their effects on roadside trees Conocarpus erectus. The total content of Pb and Mn was determined using atomic absorption spectrophotometry was conducted. Average concentration 10.578 ± 3.48 µg/gm of Pb and 91.98 ± 30.03 µg/gm of Mn was found. Moreover, there were variations in the level of both these heavy metals in different samples of Conocarpus tree that were collected from different locations along the road side due to different level of exposure to Pb and Mn. This physiological response of Conocarpus plant towards Pb and Mn suggests that roadside plants are good indicators of heavy metals accumulation and their subsequent effects on the environment.