Speaker Biography

Rabah Khalil

Rabah Khalil research interests are Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Self-Assembly, Supramolecular Chemistry, Surfactant Chemistry, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Thermodynamics and Kinetics.


The unique characteristic of supramolecular gel or aggregate as thermodynamically controlled living polymer makes special important applications in many fields. The dynamical structure of such supramolecular aggregates have great advantages to physicists who interesting in Toms effect, as an exciting model in contrast to flexible high molecular polymer whose chain length is fixed by covalent bond. Such composite is mainly produced from surfactants through transformation phenomenon from three to one dimensional shape of self-assembled aggregate. The latter type of aggregate is produced at relatively low concentration of surfactants which causing a significant increase in viscosity. This phenomenon is commonly referred to the formation of worm- or thread-like micelle which considered as quit complicated. We should bear in mind that the origin of rheological behavior of wormlike solution differs merely from that of fixed polymers. It is clear that the dynamical aggregate of wormlike micelles can be related to the flexible intermolecular forces. While the viscosity of polymers solutions depend on concentration, degree of polymerization, degree of cross-linking, and degree of interactions with solvent molecules.